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Presenting to Influence

Training Methodology

A fun and interactive workshop with practical sessions, role playing, live pitching, impromptu speaking, and personal evaluation for Pre-course and Post-course presentation.

Training Duration

14 hours (4 x 1/2 days)



Why Presenting to Influence?

  • Presentation skills is one of the top 5 most needed skills in the workplace!
  • breaks your fear and build eloquence in speech (Power of fake it to make it)
  • connects your thoughts directly to the audiences’ and get your ideas across
  • easily (Power of Getting Straight to the point)
  • builds your rapport, trust and credibility (Power of Liking)

Who should attend?

  • Managers
  • Senior Executives
  • Technical Specialists
  • Financial Analysts
  • Public Affairs Experts
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Training Professionals

What do you gain after the corse?

  • Organize Ideas and thought effectively
  • Express technical ideas in an easy way
  • Structure ideas into presentation template
  • Techniques of present to win
  • Best use of body language
  • Build quick rapport and 1st impression
  • Preframingto set the winning state
  • Defeat the stage fear
  • Active listening and Evaluation
  • Techniques to answer difficult questions

What are the key concept/ modules using in this program?

  • Module 1: Get To The Point
  • Module 2: Making The Presentation
  • Module 3: Before The Presentation
  • Module 4: During The Presentation
  • Module 5: Handling Questions
  • Module 6: Fake it to make it
  • Module 7: Avoiding Common Communication Traps
  • Module 8: Active Listening
  • Module 9: Make Presentation Effective